We are a team of designers

We sell only the products with our design. All copyright reserved by members of our team.

Our dream is to create masterpieces. And we work long hours. We want our models to be full-fledged sculptures that leave a mark in history, and not be just gaudy decorations that are boring and go out of fashion. That’s why we devote a lot of time to designing and do not make “quick decor”.

We were the first in Russia who have made the kit for assembly of polygonal models.  It is accessible to everyone, regardless of the experience of owning specialized programs and the availability of paper work skills.

We accidentally found recognition around the world. On the map are marked the countries in which our works are bought.

At the moment, more than 4,000 of our projects we had sold in different formats.

How we create the models

First we create a model from a cube in 3d program. We cut the cube into pieces, move the dots. We strive to make the model look like a real creature, but at the same time, so that the polygons form into a harmonious composition. There is a theory that a good sculpture from bad distinguishes by the quality of the cast shadow. That is, if we will shine on the model from any point, and the shadow will be compositionally harmonious, then the sculpture is good. Like that we check our products at the modeling stage.

When the first time we try to assemble a sculpture from paper, errors necessarily appear, and we again return to editing the 3D model. We bring it to perfection, and again we collect it from paper. This time on the way we thinking over the order of assembly. We record each step, so that later, when we prepare the drawing, put the correct order of the model assembly.

At first the templates looks completely incomprehensible to buyers. And we draw a lot of small arrows, numbers, color spots, in order to simplify the process of assembling the model as much as possible. In order to our customers can collect the sculpture “reflexively”, immersed in their reflections, and the hands naturally did what is needed.


In 2016, Polygonal Paper won the “Business Idea” nomination in the contest of SKB-Contour, as well as in the nomination “Best Design Startup of the Year” at the Design StartUp Week in Yekaterinburg.


Natalya Bublik

Founder, Designer

I designed the first low-poly animal head in 2013. It was a gift for my research supervisor. I published the photo of this work in my portfolio, and I suddenly began to get messages from people from different countries with a request to show how this is done. I decided to create a construction kit for making this low-poly animal head, so anyone can reproduce the model.

By chance I was the first in Russia who created something like that. Now my projects are bought by people all over the world.

Rim Shamsin

Product Designer

In Polygonal Paper, I develop models for gluing. This is a work that is a fascinating process of searching for aesthetics in simple forms, interrelations and rhythm. I am an industrial designer, in my childhood I dreamed of being a taxi driver. I aspire to master design methods and an analytical approach of thinking. I consider it important to develop experience in my own career and pass it on to others, to be a necessary figure.

Anna Ozhegova

Graphic Designer

I am a graphic designer and a happy person. I do my favorite pastime, feeding it with knowledge and skills, mastered as a result of obtaining professional education. When I create design projects, I inspired by the nature of the surrounding space and the search for beauty in the usual things.

At Polygonal Paper, I am responsible for developing a visual and graphic design that reflects the style and nature of the company. In the execution of projects I follow the principle of “Harmony in details”.

Tatiana Gubina


I have gone to live in Ekaterinburg in 2014 to study. I learn a costume design. My love are food and black colour (it’s not gloomy, it’s stylish). Was engaged in figure skating, gymnastics, model school, hip-hop, football. I sew. I do not like to have nothing to do, all the time, for some kind of reason, a lot of tasks(I do not know where they are coming from). I took 2nd place in the heel race.