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2D Template for gluing Horse Head


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The final size of the model: 38 cm * 27 cm * 30 cm

Level of assembly: ★ ★ ✩ ✩ ✩


  • Instructions (eng, rus, fra, esp);
  • 2D Template for printing on A4 paper size (pdf);
  • 2D Template for printing on A3 paper size (pdf);
  • 2D Template for printing on A1 paper size (pdf);


Please choose only the one format of paper for printing the template. From each file you will get a model of the same size.

You will need for work:

  • Template printed on A4 or A3 or A1 paper;
  • A cutter;
  • A ruler;
  • Glue, which does not deform the paper;
  • An A3 sheet of white cardboard for base (optional);
  • A surface for cutting (it can be a piece of old linoleum, or a glass panel, or a clean cutting board).


The use of the results of our intellectual work for profit is prohibited. All rights reserved.



Designer Natalya Bublik about this model: “I designed the trophy head for the approach of the Horse Year, I was born in the Year of the Horse, and so for me this animal means a lot.”

To assemble a model you do not need special skills, only your carefulness is needed. The build time of this model is 4-6 hours. We recommend you divide the assembly process for a couple of quiet evenings, in a calm environment you can rest from everyday problems and devote yourself to the creative process of creating a trophy head.

Video tutorial “How to make deer head using my templates” →


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