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2D Template for Gluing Plane Head


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The final size of the model: 29 cm * 20 cm * 23 cm

Level of assembly: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


  • Instructions (eng, rus);
  • 2D Template for printing on A4 paper size (pdf);
  • 2D Template for printing on A3 paper size (pdf);
  • Guide how to draw this model (for academic drawing).


You will need for work:

  • Template printed on A4 paper;
  • A cutter;
  • A ruler;
  • Glue, which does not deform the paper;
  • A surface for cutting (it can be a piece of old linoleum, or a glass panel, or a clean cutting board).

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Designer Rim Shamsin about his model: “This project has become special for a number of reasons, among which is the educational function.It is incredibly nice to create things that have practical application.This was a really long project, I was affraid to make the slightest mistakes. All the available information on the proportions and the physiological characteristics of the structure of the female head, no less important then the maximum simplification of geometry and the correct organization of the most convenient assembly sequence. ”

This model is created anatomically correct with the correct location of key points. Therefore, it can be used to teach academic drawing. An advantage of this sculpture is also light weight unlike gypsum analogues and a fresh take of established academic fundamentals in a new form, in this case a female head.

To assemble a model you do not need special skills, only your carefulness is needed. The build time of this model is 5-7 hours. We recommend you divide the assembly process for a couple of quiet evenings, in a calm environment you can rest from everyday problems and devote yourself to the creative process of creating a trophy head.

Video tutorial “How to make deer head using my templates” →


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