We do our best to make the assembly process simple and understandable; however, it will take you from 4 to 10 hours to assemble one model. Don’t try to do all at once. We recommend you to stretch out the process for 2 or 3 evenings – in this case the result will be neater, and you’ll enjoy the assembly.

You don’t need specific skills for working with paper; the main things are your attentiveness and tidiness. Children under the age of 12 need adult assistance to assemble the model.

The result directly depends on the quality of the materials used. Please do not try to assemble the model using common office paper. In our kits you will find high-quality paper with optimal proportion of cotton and cellulose, which reduces paper crumbling and splitting along folds. This kind of paper has a slight texture, that’s why places for gluing on a finished work don’t strike the eye so much. If you buy paper in your discretion, we recommend you to buy textured paper with a basis weight of 180-250g/m².

Our assembly kits include glue which sets in less than 10 seconds, but this time period is enough for correcting the joint. It is easily removed with water; transparent once dry. If you buy glue in your discretion, please note that white glue usually is not good for this purpose as it dries slowly and deforms paper. We recommend to use UHU Glue.

But not any paint is good for this. Some kinds of car spray paint can cause paper deformation. It is preferable to use acrylic paint.